Medics remember Ofc. Renn's response to State Fair stage collapse

Fallen IMPD Ofc. Perry Renn was once Jacen's dad's partner.
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The Metro police officer killed in the line of duty Saturday is also being remembered for his help during the stage collapse tragedy at the Indiana State Fair.

Medics say Officer Perry Renn often helped them during emergencies.

"He worked that area of town so many years, I mean, he very much thought of the folks who lived up there who are the law-abiding citizens," said Indianapolis EMS Medic Lt. Brian Neuffer.

Sometimes medics may be the first on the scene or caught up in a dangerous situation, such as an angry patient or intoxicated crowds. But Medic Randy Schlegel says Renn's presence often helped them focus better on their job.

"Him being assertive like that, it took a lot of that chaos and brought it onto him so we could focus on our job to help the patient and get out of there quickly," Schlegel said.

So they weren't surprised to learn it was Renn involved in a gun battle Saturday night, protecting others' lives. But his death touched them deeply.

"I was very sad," Neuffer said.

"There were a lot of people running around trying to help people as best they could," Schlegel said, remembering the night of the State Fair stage collapse.

Neuter and Schlegel transported multiple victims to hospitals that night.

"Having IMPD and all that law enforcement there was indispensable for us," they said.

Renn was there, too. He was given a commendation later for his work that night helping others.

"That was just a crazy night," said Schlegel.

There were so many on the scene that night and so much work to do, the medical team didn't see Renn, but the medics say "more manpower just helped get that situation under control."

The officer's friends remember him as a quiet, kind, giving person. But on the job, on some of the toughest beats, he had other skills when they were needed.

"Being that assertive and being that much in control would immediately stop the chaos," the medics said.