Medicare Part D deadline fast approaching

Jill Bliss, Walgreens pharmacy manager
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An important deadline is coming up for seniors on Dec. 7th. That's when they need to apply for Medicare Part D or make sure they're on the right plan. It's for patients 65 and older.

Jill Bliss, senior pharmacy manager at Walgreens on 16th and Meridian Streets, said it can be an overwhelming decision.

"There's a lot of information," said Bliss. But the most important thing is making sure any medication the patient is on is covered by the plan, and that it's a preferred medication. The overall cost is also an important factor.

Bliss says it's easy to get hung up on deductibles and premiums "but at the end of the day if you look at the overall cost, that's the way to go."

Even if the patient is happy with their current plan, it's possible that the plan could change for the new year. So Bliss says it's worth a review.

If you need help, visit the Medicare website or your local pharmacy. You can also call 1-877-486-2048.

"We're a great tool, especially if you fill at Walgreens. We already have all of your medications. Just give us a call. We can run a report and go through it step by step and show you what the options are," said Bliss.

They can also help even if you're not a Walgreens customer.

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