Media whirlwind follows Goepper's Olympic bronze

Team USA led a clean sweep of men's slopestyle.
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He won bronze, but has a gold medal smile. The world now knows Indiana's own Nick Goepper after he and two other Americans swept the medals in the slopestyle skiing event.

On Friday it was sinking in for Nick and his family. WTHR talked to them about the media blitz and whirlwind that accompanies the winning of an Olympic gold medal.

They've worked years to achieve this goal, and American medal winners quickly learn they will spend - at minimum - the next 24 hours talking about it.

Olympic rules require athletes to file past journalists one after another as the family waits.

"My two cents is they could have family celebrate," said Linda Goepper, Nick's mom.

It took nearly 30 minutes for this moment, and it ended in about 60 seconds. Then it was off to a press conference for more questions before Goepper and the others were whisked away.

Six hours later, athletes arrived in the Olympic Park for the medal ceremony. It's a moment before going back to work.

"All of America media wanted him so we did that until 3:30 in the morning last night," said Sheryl Shade. Her PR firm, Shade Global, represents athletes from all over the world.

After four hours of sleep, Goepper and his gang were going strong in Olympic Park.

"Just jumpin on it! It's going to fun. I'm looking forward to all this," he said.

He and teammates Joss Christensen and Gus Kenworthy talked with CNBC, E!, NBC affiliates, the network and more.

"They are not looking at the color of the medals that these three won. They are a unit and it's all American, all the time and America can't get enough. We are being called and flooded with calls," said Shade.

They decide when to grant special requests like appearing live on hometown news. Nick joined WTHR on Sunrise Friday morning.

While the athletes talk, their agents deal. The Slopestyle Stars are already on a cereal box, revealed on the TODAY Show.

"You don't eat. You don't sleep. It's just been wild," said Linda Goepper.

"Nick told me - he said, 'Book me as much as you can until I drop,' and so that is what I am going to do!" said Shade.

It seems wherever the athletes turn, everyone wants a pose and a picture.

They plan to boost Nick's social media presence starts with. Nick is asking women to be his Valentine with the hashtag #IwanttodateNick.

"Seriously, send me a creative invitation and one lucky girl is going to get chosen after the Olymics to come and go on a dream date with me!" he promised.

But think at least mid-March for that because Nick and his medal mates head to New York next.

"I don't think I am going to sleep for the next week," he said. "I am having a blast. This is awesome!"