Mayor Ballard urges quick reporting to halt crime

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Mayor Greg Ballard called two recent home invasions "despicable crimes" and said the police investigations into the incidents have already resulted in several arrests.

But the mayor says the majority of the recent crime in the city has involved perpetrators and victims who already know each other, as opposed to random victims. Several people were shot in different incidents overnight.

"We want to have good relationships in the community; Ten Point Coalition's very important to us; so many of the neighborhood groups; the Crime Watches have to maintain good relationships with the police and report as quickly as possible - that is so important. I cannot emphasize that enough," he said.

On the City-County Council resolution against a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, Mayor Ballard said writing the definition into the state constitution "doesn't make any sense to me."

"What I've said about this quite often is, I don't know what the overriding government interest is in this. Why are we pursuing this? It just makes no sense to me to continue to pursue this when we've been working so hard to be a welcoming, inclusive community. We want people to come to Indianapolis and this one kind of seems to be pushing them away," said the mayor. "I don't understand why the government cares."

Eyewitness News also asked the mayor about the Pacers' 8-0 start to the season.

"Ticket sales are up, which means there's more restaurants getting business downtown; there's more activity; you will get more TV coverage and might have more people in hotel rooms traveling to see the Pacers. Also the advertising, if you will, for the city, the PR part, like we did during the Super Bowl when we were still undefeated and people were starting to watch it routinely and becoming of a more national all helps the city," he said.