Matt Lauer sits down with Ebola survivor in first TV interview

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The Indiana native who survived an ebola infection spoke out for the first time Tuesday night.

Dr. Kent Brantly gave an exclusive one-on-one interview to the TODAY Show's Matt Lauer.

Brantly said he's still weak, but he's improving every day. He says he wants to tell his story so that Americans won't forget the terrible situation that's taking place in West Africa.

"I woke up that morning, and really I just felt a little off; felt a little warm, a little under the weather. I took my temperature and it was 100.00, I think," recalled Dr. Brantly of the day he first felt symptoms of the virus. "I was so thankful that Amber and the kids were not there. That would have been an overwhelming mental burden if I had woken up sick next to my wife with one of my kids snuggled up next to me."

Fortunately for Dr. Brantly, his wife Amber and their two children had left Liberia just three days earlier to attend a wedding in Texas.

"I remember it was a Saturday afternoon and I had worried all day. Then when he did call... to tell me he had Ebola-- I don't know if I can describe that," said Amber Brantly of Kent's call to tell her of his diagnosis. "I knew what was coming. I had seen him treat these people who had already been diagnosed and I knew how it ends. I knew how everyone had ended up so far, so I had the disadvantage of having the knowledge of the course of the disease. I was scared."

Matt Lauer will have more of Dr. Brantly's interview Wednesday morning on the TODAY show right after Eyewitness News Sunrise. The portions of the interview airing Wednesday on TODAY and Tuesday evening on Nightly News will be available on after they air. NBC News will also air an hour-long special on the Ebola crisis on Friday night.