Maternity wards competing for moms

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Hospitals are competing for your baby business.

St. Vincent Carmel Hospital just wrapped up their maternity renovations by dressing up nearly 40,000 square feet with bedside baby delivery rooms and labor jacuzzis.

"It feels really amazing. I'm very happy," said new dad Jason Rollings.

Jason and Ashlee Rollings are first-time parents. Monday, they welcomed five-pound Kolton to their family.

"They told me I did a good job, but I don't know if I did or not," Ashlee laughed.

When deciding where to welcome Kolton into the world, the Whitestown couple looked to family, who had visited St. Vincent Carmel Hospital before.

St. Vincent Carmel doesn't just want to entice familiar moms-to-be, they want new moms.

The spacious delivery rooms were the final phase of the two-year renovation project. The expansion project added several amenities and disguised equipment in the eight new delivery rooms.

"Not having a lot of equipment really, really reduces fear," said Michelle Slayman with St. Vincent Carmel.

The hospital does not offer water births. However, before or after delivery, moms can now relax in private jacuzzis bought from a company in Canada.

It's been ten years since St. Vincent Carmel upgraded their mother-baby wing.

Possibly in anticipation of St. Vincent Carmel's project, Wishard Hospital rolled out a $15,000 public relations campaign targeting moms-to-be last fall.

Health officials tell Eyewitness News one reason private, luxurious labor facilities are constantly being added and upgraded at Indiana hospitals is because more and more Medicaid patients are delivering at hospitals like St. Vincent Carmel.