Massage parlors shutdown

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Linsey Davis/Eyewitness News

Carmel - A steamed up open sign is the only signage at this otherwise nondescript building in Carmel.

None of the men leaving would talk to Eyewitness News about why they were there.

The first man drove away, trying to hide his identity.

The same was true of the next man, who in the process of hiding his face, exposed his wedding band. So we went to the door to find out why men leaving this establishment seemed so ashamed.

The sign on the door said it was open but no one would answer the door.

No answer at another door next door, but a few doors down, there was a response.

"I'm trying to run a legitimate business," said Tyler Neace.

His physical therapy business is several feet away from the business that displays only an "Open " sign. Tyler says he moved into the space after other tenants were evicted.

"I've heard through my clients and other people in the building that this used to be a Chinese massage parlor and their was a crack on it and the people were arrested," says Tyler.

David Johnston the general manager at Perfect Ten Spa, the oldest spa in Carmel, says he witnessed the same thing.

"Across the street you would actually see. You never saw any women come and go but you would see a lot of men.  As far as I know it was a prostitution ring and the Carmel police raided them and they left," said Johnston.

Carmel police Major Mark Bowen said, "We are working to get ordinances to keep legitimate businesses and keep the rif raf out."

"It's almost telegraphed blue lights on the outside of the windows shades pulled tight, doors locked. People can't get in," said Johnston.

The Carmel Business owners Eyewitness News contacted are hopeful Carmel will soon be just as difficult for phonies to access.

Johnston says, "A town like this. It doesn't need that element here period."

Hamilton County is currently working on a plan to put restrictions in place and darken the lights at several massage parlors for good.