Mass. Ave. shops open pop-up store in Carmel for Christmas shopping

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Black Friday guarantees big crowds at malls and department stores.  But small stores are getting more creative with how to get their share of the pie in the midst of the chaos.      

Mass Ave Toys has been a big hit downtown for seven years, and being able to see, touch and play with the toys is no small part of their success. Now for the first time, this store, joined by several others along the avenue, are headed north to expand their horizons in a unique project.

Stepping into this store is like taking an exciting adventure into the wonderful world of toys.  It's part of what attracts mom Angie McCary to the locally-owned store.

"They get to play here so I can stand on the sidelines and see what they're drawn to," said McCary.

Personal service is also priority one here.

"I've been in here a half hour and I've been asked twice if I need help, need anything opened and they offered to take my stuff to the register and hold it for me.  I don't really think you get that in department stores," said Angie.

Now Mass Ave Toys and seven other businesses on Mass. Ave. want to expand their reach.  That's why they've set up a pop-up store in Carmel on Main St. for 12 days of holiday shopping.

"It is our biggest retailers," said Kristin Kohn, Silver in the City.

It's a delightful smorgasbord of each store's best offerings all under one roof.

"We're also taking people's requests and can bring things up next weekend," said Kristin.

For shoppers who live just north of the city or even come in from other cities farther north, this is a happy compromise.

"It's exciting to have it here as opposed to downtown Indianapolis.  It's close to home," said Michelle O'Connor, a shopper who has visited some of the Mass. Ave. stores participating in the project. 

"It's been a while because I don't go downtown very often.  I kind of stick in this area.  So, it's nice," said O'Connor.

Small business owners in Zionsville are also looking forward to Small Business Saturday.

On Main St. in downtown Zionsville, the holiday decorations are already up and the stores are prepared, hoping tomorrow some shoppers will bypass the busy mall and the big department stores in favor of a quieter, quainter setting here.  To do that, stores are already rolling out the discounts.  At Inga's Gourmet Popcorn, business is already popping and shoppers are shopping.

"We live in Zionsville.  We just live four blocks away and we want to support our town and support the local businesses here.  Makes part of why we love this town, why we live here," said Danielle McCary. 

So, whether you're up on Main St. in Carmel or Zionsville or on Mass. Ave., there is plenty of fun and shopping to go around.

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