Marion County launches flu shot clinics for fall 2012


Flu season is coming, and you need to act now to protect your family. In Marion County, the Health Department stages its first flu-shot clinic today and there are nearly a dozen more planned until mid-November.

See a complete list here.

Old Bethel United Methodist Church will open its doors later this morning to begin providing protection from the virus for you and yours.

While it's not a required immunization for Marion County students, Dr. Virginia Caine of the Health Department thinks every school-aged child and their parents should take the time to get a flu shot. Each year, scientists play a guessing game by trying to predict what flu strain will be the most widespread. And that's how they design the year's annual flu shot.

This year, you may notice a shorter, thinner needle when you get your shot. The microneedle gives flu shots just under the skin, rather than deeper in the muscle, like standard flu shots. It's good news for those people who are afraid of needles.

"It's very small," Caine said. "It's an intradermal needle used to give you the shot. It's less painful and really quick."

Typically, Indiana's flu season picks up in December and peaks in January. Even though we dealt with a mild flu season last year here in Indiana, doctors tell us each year is different.

Nationwide, about 42-percent of all Americans aged six months and older got a flu shot last year. And, while clinics begin today here in Marion County, not everyone is advised to get a flu shot. People with egg allergy could have a reaction when given the flu vaccine.

Today's clinic runs from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Old Bethel United Methodist Church, 7995 East 21st Street. Shots cost $15 for adults, $10 for children two to 18-years-old, and they're free for children under two. Medicare and Medicaid are both accepted.