Marion County jail deputies fired over misconduct

Tonya Bradley, left, and Marceline Daniel-Estil
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Two deputies at the Marion County Jail are off the job and facing possible criminal charges.

The sheriff fired them for misconduct, after he says they crossed the line with female inmates.

Marceline Daniel-Estil says she found out she no longer had a job at the Marion County Jail - a job she held for nine years - while watching television.

"They didn't say anything. I found out I got fired on the news. I found out I got fired from you guys," Daniel-Estil told Eyewitness News.

The former Marion County Jail deputy had been on administrative leave with pay for the past ten days during an internal investigation by the sheriff's department into allegations of misconduct with an inmate.

"If after they're sworn in and trained, they decide to go a different direction, well that's human nature and it happens now and then, but when it does happen, I'm going to show 'em the door," said Marion County Sheriff John Layton.

"I didn't do anything wrong," countered Daniel-Estil.

The former deputy claims she served as an interpreter for an inmate's husband who was trying to sell a car to a person who spoke Creole. Daniel-Estil, who's from Haiti, says she helped translate during the sale.

"I think I was okay doing it, especially if I'm certified as an interpreter," she explained.

The former jail deputy wasn't the only employee fired on Friday.

Fourteen-year-employee Tonya Bradley was also let go after being on administrative leave during an internal investigation surrounding allegations she was involved in some kind of exchange with a female inmate involving food stamps.

The sheriff said the cases and firings were unrelated. Both cases are now in the hands of the prosecutor's office to determine if criminal charges against either woman are warranted.

Both former deputies have ten days to appeal their firings. If they choose to fight their terminations, they must go before a board of their peers and present their side of things.