Marion County Health Dept. seeking Belmont Ave. fire debris

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The Marion County Public Health Department wants to hear from residents about properties that still have debris from a large warehouse fire at 220 S. Belmont Ave. on June 15.

Heath department officials determined that much of the debris found in nearby neighborhoods contained asbestos, resulting in a Notice of Violation being issued to the owner of the warehouse.

As part of the violation, the owner has hired a contractor to identify and clean areas most affected by falling debris from the fire. A 22-square-mile area located directly around and to the northeast of the fire site is the focus of this clean-up effort.

The Marion County Public Health Department is asking residents to call a special phone number, 317-221-2159, to report if they have debris from the fire on their property. The contractor hired by the property owner will begin its work next week.

As residents do yard work, such as mowing or raking leaves, disturbing any of the asbestos debris could increase the risk of exposure.

See a map of the neighborhoods affected most by the fire debris