Marian University kicker invited to Colts camp


The Colts are always looking for the next great player. Their search has taken them just down the road to Marian University.

Eyewitness Sports caught up recently with Michael Josifovski, who had the football field at Marian University all to himself.

Josifovski's strong right foot has earned the Marian senior an invitation to Colts rookie camp this weekend.

"It's very exciting. It's validating knowing that all the hard work you put in got you that much further," he said.

Josifovski made seven field goals in the Marian Knights last two playoff games, including the national championship game winner. He also sent that game to overtime with a 35-yarder in the last minute. His 51-yarder in the last minute of the semifinal put the Knights in the title game.

"The big thing that I always keep on my shoulder when I go out there is knowing how much time and hard work that everyone else on the team invested in it. If by chance it came down to a last-second field goal, I'm gonna come through for them. I care about these guys and I know what they put into it and I won't let them down," he said.

Josifovski is the son of immigrants from Macedonia and Serbia. His kicking skills began with soccer in Northwest Indiana. He became an All-State football kicker at Hobart High School.

"A lot of people say kicking, 90 percent of the time, is all mental. You just gotta visualize it and the biggest thing is have faith in it," he said.

Josifovski hopes to win a spot on the Colts training camp roster this summer, with the chance to compete alongside the NFL's greatest clutch kicker, Adam Vinatieri.

"Just to be able to talk to him one on one and get to learn his experience about it. Get his tips and pointers on the game. That is just invaluable information. You couldn't get that from a better person," he said.