Man with special needs wins over "Wheel" fans

Trent Girone (Wheel of Fortune photo)
An Arizona man with special needs became an Internet celebrity during Wednesday night's episode of "Wheel of Fortune."

Trenton Girone, identified as "Trent" on his nametag on the show, won $1,000 by correctly guessing "A Smashing Success" on the first puzzle, a fitting answer for the reaction he'd receive from viewers.

Watch Trent's performance

His enthusiasm and skill quickly drew compliments on social media. He drew laughs from the crowd as he shielded his eyes when host Pat Sajak turned over the "mystery" wedge.

"Is it bad news?" he asked to laughter.

The audience roared when Sajak revealed the $10,000 prize on the back of the board.

But the joy was short-lived, as Trent hit a "Bankrupt" wedge on his next spin, barely missing a shot at a million dollars. After the next two contestants also hit "Bankrupt," he quickly guessed a "C" (there were four at $350 each) and bought two "As" for a $1,150 total before playing it safe.

"Why risk another spin?" he shouted before correctly solving "Cream Cheese Coffee Cake."

As Sajak and the crowd congratulated the solve, Girone shouted "La Roue de la Fortune!" which translates to "Wheel of Fortune" in French.

"Don't try to impress us with your bilingual stuff there," Sajak joked.

That would be the end of the winning for Trent, who spun another "Bankrupt" with just three letters left to choose on "Guided Tour Of Ancient Ruins," which carried with it a trip to a resort in Belize.

"I want to thank all of the contestant staff for taking the time to help me, and would like to thank Pat Sajak for his assistance, as well. I have some physical challenges that they were aware of and they made sure I was safe and comfortable," Trent said on the "Wheel of Fortune" website.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights at 7 p.m. on Channel 13.