Man with five guns asked to leave State Fair


A bizarre scene played out Tuesday night at the State Fair when police found a man trying to carry five guns into the fairgrounds.

State Police found the man with five guns on the midway, but say, despite the number of weapons, there was no immediate threat.

Troopers say the man had a gun permit and was allowed to take his guns with him after police unloaded the ammunition near the fair's Midway.

It is not the first time people with gun permits have entered the fairgrounds with a weapon, police say. For safety reasons, State Police asks that no one carries a gun on fairgrounds property.

"We just don't want the firearms on the fairgrounds," said ISP First Sgt. Brian Olehy. "We just politely ask that you return them to the vehicle and lock them safely and make sure they are completely secure and if they don't want to do that, we just ask them that they leave the fairgrounds for the day,"

State gun permits do not limit the number of guns a person is allowed to carry.

State Fair weapons policy

The Indiana State Fair has the following policy about weapons posted to its website:

"No person in possession of a deadly weapon shall be permitted onto or be permitted to remain on the Fairgrounds; any person properly licensed to carry a firearm must secure the firearm in a locked compartment of his/her vehicle and it shall not be visible to a passerby."

That policy, by the way, includes all "deadly weapons," not just guns. So presumably, someone with a large knife could also be asked to secure it or leave the property.

Bottom line: keep your weapons in your car or leave them at home.