Man with 48 bombs in Ohio is an Indiana Guardsman

Andrew Scott Boguslawski (photo courtesy Columbus Dispatch)

A man being held on $1 million bond in Ohio after police say they found bombs and other weapons in his vehicle has been identified as an Indiana National Guardsman.

Police arrested 43-year-old Andrew Scott Boguslawski New Year's Day near Columbus, Ohio. In his car were 48 bombs, a remote detonator, four guns and supplies to make more explosives. That sent ATF agents to Boguslawski's southern Indiana home in the town of Moores Hill.

It's a small community, but neighbors say it's certainly not quiet.

"We've heard a lot of explosions. A lot of neighbors have heard that so yeah, I'm not surprised," said a neighbor who didn't want to be identified. The neighbor says Boguslawski had other hobbies that caught his attention.

"I know he makes his own ammunition. I know he makes explosives," he said.

The National Guardsman first enlisted with the Pennsylvania Guard in 1988, right after high school. He later transferred to the Ohio and Tennessee Guards before moving to Indiana in 2007.

For three years, Boguslawski worked at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center as a seasonal groundskeeper. He's currently an intelligence analyst with top-secret clearance, but the Indiana National Guard says he is in the process of being discharged for medical reasons.

ATF officials haven't revealed what they found at Boguslawski's home.