Man talks about rescuing boys from icy pond

Jeremy Parks speaks to WTHR about Saturday's rescue.
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Three boys are alive thanks to the help of their neighbor who rescued them from an icy retention pond over the weekend.

The rescue took place Saturday afternoon in the 6800 block of Devinney Lane on the southwest side of Marion County.

The boys were walking on the ice when it gave way.

"All I heard was 'they are in the water, save them' and then I heard 'they are dying' and I was like 'oh my God,'" Jeremy Parks said.

That commotion Saturday afternoon from some neighborhood children forced Parks to take off.

He went running across the street to the pond, where he noticed one boy on the pond's bank and two boys still trapped. Jeremy was able to make it out on the ice and quickly pulled one child to safety.

"He's right there behind me so I'm like come on and I grab him and pull him onto the thick ice and I get him on the ice and I just slid him as far back as I could on the land," Parks said.

His attention then turned to the youngest child who was perhaps in the most in danger.

"There were times when his head wasn't above water and I was freaking me out, but I was trying to keep my mine off of it," Parks said.

Getting weaker and turning blue, the boy could barely pull onto a broom stick Parks tried to use to get the boy to safety.

Parks by then had fallen into the freezing water and was in danger himself.

"All of this broken ice is in my way and at the time I didn't know it but it was pretty much tearing my arms up like razor blades almost," he explained.

Neighbors threw a water hose to reach the two and reeled it in to get them on dry land.

"Just thinking about it chokes you up. My pinky here still has a little tingle to it," he said.

Parks shrugs off being called a hero and says there's nothing he would change about Saturday.

"I couldn't live with myself to stand there and watch him to fight for air he was doing everything he could do to stay alive. God was definitely with us. He definitely had his hand on that little boy," Park said.

Paramedics checked out Parks and the two boys at the scene.

Parks said he declined go to the hospital, but did suffer hypothermia.

The youngest boy had to be taken to Riley Children's Hospital, but is expected to be okay.

Parks says the neighborhood association is discussing adding flotation devices near the pond. He hopes children everywhere will get the message to stay away from the ice.