Man sentenced to 81 years in Greene County teen's murder

Randal Crosley
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Randal Crosley, one of two men, charged in the murder of Katelyn Wolfe, has been sentenced.

Crosley was sentenced to 81 years in prison for the June 2012 murder of the Greene County teenager.

Jordan Buskirk, who has also pleaded guilty for his role in the killing, is scheduled to be sentenced on March 18th.

The case left people in Wolfe's small city of Linton in shock.

Court documents say a conservation officer found Katelyn Wolfe's body submerged in a Sullivan County lake. She had been duct taped and smothered to death.

The same documents say Buskirk and Crosley confessed to killing the 19-year-old after they all used drugs together.

Investigators used cell phone records to connect the two men to Katelyn's disappearance.

According to court documents, Burkirk and Crosley admitted to planning to force themselves on a stranger for at least a week. A few days prior to the alleged attack, Buskirk told police that he and Crosley bought condoms, handcuffs, restraint straps, rope and a 20-lb. weight.

Buskirk told investigators the initial plan was to "rape and then murder" and that it was an idea that "popped in their heads."

Buskirk said they kept the items in the trunk of his car and that they weren't targeting Katelyn Wolfe specifically, but that they intended to attack someone.