Man reports being beaten, robbed in Broad Ripple

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It has been a week since the mass shooting in Broad Ripple. The chaos had people literally running for their lives as seven people were shot, one of them critically.

Near the intersection of Broad Ripple and College Avenues is a towering mobile security camera. It's one step IMPD is taking to stop the violence in neighborhood.

Shops were bustling with people Saturday afternoon.

"We opened in October of 2011," said Brandi Rice, owner of the Lucky B Boutique.

In that time, she's grown a successful store, but admits feeling the impact of last week's violence.

"The days following the shooting, business dropped off completely. The village felt dead. We had a terrible couple of days," Rice said.

She said she hasn't had to change her strategy or her hours.

"At 8:00 pm it's families, it's couples out, going to dinner, coming in and maybe shopping a little bit," Rice said.

It's after that when crime seems to rear its ugly head.

Just after 1:00 am Saturday on the sidewalk near a convenience store in the 6300 block of North College Avenue, a man reports being beaten and robbed of his wallet by four suspects.

Not far from the mobile security cameras, the four men took off with $16 while the victim had to have stitches.

Despite the attack, those who were out last night say the felt safe.

"They had the road blocked off, there were cops everywhere," one guy said.

"I liked it a lot better because you were able to see everyone walking around and you were able to analyze what's going on and it wasn't cluttered on the strip," Broad Ripple resident Andile Ndlovu said.

She describe a subdued night.

"It was sad to not see as many people out, but those who did come out attempted to have a good time," Ndlovu said.

And it's the hope here that good -- and peaceful times will return.

IMPD says it will review the policy on closing the stretch of road down Broad Ripple Avenue to vehicles on the weekends, depending on how busy the area gets with pedestrians.

City crews also went out to clean up graffiti in Broad graffiti Saturday morning, stopping at three spots, including a vacant building near the corner of 62nd and Carrollton; a fence on the east side of a vacant building in the corner of 62nd and Guilford; and a vacant building on the Monon Trail between 52nd and 54th Streets.