Man pulls a gun on women in Broad Ripple, demanding purses

Indianapolis police have a new warning for women tonight after a new type of purse snatching in Broad Ripple.

Three women say a man tried to rob them at gunpoint, without ever getting out of his car.

"There are two Broad Ripples. You've got the Broad Ripple during the daylight hours when shops like ours are open during the day conducting business," said Nate Gillette with Rusted Moon Outfitters. "But once the sun goes down, people are going to the bars and drinking and having a good time. Unfortunately, you've got other people who are preying on these victims after hours."

That's what IMPD said happened Wednesday night at the corner of 64th and Guilford when a Black Chevy Malibu pulled up next to three women walking. According to police, a man in the passenger seat pulled a gun on the women and demanded their purses.

The women didn't listen, even when the man racked the gun's chamber and told them he wasn't kidding.

"What is the right decision? Nobody wants to get hurt. Nobody wants to get shot. But people that are doing these, conducting these crimes, they're bullies and bullies always prey on the weak. And when you stand up to a bully, a lot of times, they back down," said Gillette.

According to the police report, the vehicle took off west on 64th Street and the women went for help at a nearby fire station.

"That's very brave. I honestly have never been in a situation like that. I hope to never be in a situation like that. I don't know what I would do," said Brittany Niland.

Niland said she does know what to do when she's out anywhere in the city at night. She said she's always in a group.

"I know the drill. I'll travel in groups, especially with a guy if I can," she explained.

Not that that's any guarantee, said Niland, if someone wants something bad enough and they've got a gun.

"It's something to be worried about," she said.

"This is our neighborhood. We don't want to hear of that happening anytime. Whether its 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon," said Gillette of the incident.