Man keeps bedside vigil for siblings after family killed in fire

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Two children are fighting for their lives tonight after what's being described as one of the worst tragedies that Indianapolis firefighters can remember.

Four people were killed in a house fire early Saturday morning in the 21 hundred block of Olney Street.  Several calls came in from people who could see the fire as they drove on Interstate 70.

A mother and father and two of their children were pronounced dead at area hospitals, shortly after firefighters pulled six people from the home.

Fire officials don't have a cause, but said they don't suspect foul play. There were no working smoke detectors in the house at the time.

Those victims are Lionel "Leo" Guerra, 47, and his wife Brandy Guerra, 33.

The couple's son Esteban, 11, and daughter Blanquita, 8, also died.

Two other children, a 14-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy survived the fire, but were critically injured.

Their older brother Luis Guerra has been keeping vigil at his sibling's bedside at Riley Hospital for Children after losing his father, step mother and two other siblings.

"Love your people.  Love your family.  Keep 'em close.  You never know. The next day, they could be gone," said Guerra.

Saturday morning was that next day for Guerra who woke up to unimaginable loss.

"I received a phone call," he explained.

With that call came the news that Guerra's Father, step mother, 11 year old brother and 8 year old sister had died after being trapped in their burning home.

Guerra also learned a 14-year-old sister and 6 year old brother had survived, but barely and were critical at Riley.

"I pulled up to the hospital, coming to seeing my sister and my brother laying in beds," he said of the unbelievable morning.

That's where Guerra stayed, praying for a miracle.  So far though, there hasn't been one. 

"I've been in there. There's no signs in the brain right now, due to the low pressure of the oxygen that they received during the smoke and all of that," Guerra said of his sister and brother.

"It's not looking good," he added.

All Guerra can do now is wait and trust.

"Trust in Christ and know He has His plans.  Keep faith," said Guerra.

It's not easy though, grasping such loss.

"It's kind of hard to believe that something like this really happened, but it did happen," said Guerra.

Guerra said knowing the family was together brings him some comfort.

"They went out as a team though, you know?  They rolled together and stayed together, you know?  They'll be with each other either way," he said.

For Guerra, it comes down to only this.

"They loved me.  I loved them.  All of them," he said.