Man involved in Pacers fight arrested

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Indianapolis - One of the men who claimed he got beat up during a fight with Pacer players at a strip club is in jail Wednesday.

Indianapolis Police officers arrested Quentin "Fingers" Willford at around 1:00 am. He is currently at the Adult Processing Center.

Officers had a hard time keeping Willford in custody Tuesday night. The 25-year-old handicapped man claims Pacer Stephen Jackson beat him up outside a west side strip club last month. Jackson was charged last month. Quentin Willford's cousin, Deon Willford, was also charged in the same incident.

On Tuesday night, off-duty officers working at Don Victors say Willford became unruly. They say he even talked about suing the Pacers for the strip club fight. When they confronted him officers say it was obvious he had too much to drink and insisted on putting up a fight. Eventually they got him handcuffed but took off running and slipped out of the handcuffs.

"Once we arrest someone and place him in handcuffs, obviously they become our responsibility. So it's critical that officers maintain the security of this individual for the officers' safety and for the safety of the person who's being arrested," said Major Lloyd Crowe, Marion County Sheriff's Department.

Officers arrested Willford a second time. His charges are escape, two counts of resisting law enforcement and public intoxication.

During his re-arrest officers say Willlford played dead but eventually started resisting again before being taken to jail.