Man in custody after series of robberies in Indianapolis

Larry Douglas

Indianapolis Metro Police have arrested a man accused of a pre-dawn robbery spree that caught all the victims off-guard. Investigators say the crimes turned violent even after the victims cooperated.

Four attacks occurred within a one-hour period beginning at 5:30 am on Greenfield Avenue, Atherton South Drive, Fletcher and Terrace Avenues.

The suspect has been identified as 27-year-old Jeremy Kiser of Indianapolis. He is being held in the Marion County Jail on two formal charges of Robbery (Class A and B Felonies) with a $200,000.00 bond.   

The people who were attacked are recovering from their injuries, including the first victim - a 71-year-old man on his way to breakfast.

"He says, 'Give me your money, give me your money right now,'" said Larry Douglas, who survived a brutal attack outside his home early Tuesday morning.

Douglas lives on the south side of Indianapolis. He wasn't suspicious of his alleged attacker at first.

"He looked like a decent person so he had me by surprise that way. He did not look like somebody who you'd think was going to rob you," said Douglas.

"Then he goes upside my head with the gun, knocks me to the ground and we start struggling and I guess he figures it is going to take me a minute or two to get up. I got blood pouring everywhere," said Douglas.

Douglas suffered cuts and bruises to the left side of his face and to his left ear. It turns out the 71-year-old was the first of several people police say who came under attack.

Another man in the 4300 block of Fletcher Avenue described the same robber who pistol-whipped him, too. Then police got yet another call for help.

Police say the same man who attacked Larry Douglas also attacked a man on Atherton South Drive. The victims say the suspect asked for someone by name and then surprised him with a gun.

The crime spree came to an abrupt end, thanks to the victims being good witnesses for police. Officers stopped the suspect near Minnesota and Sloan and took him into custody. 

IMPD is also investigating a fifth armed robbery. These are the locations:

· 5900 blk. of Greenfield Ave.

· 5100 blk. of Atherton South Dr.

· 4300 blk. of Fletcher Ave

· 3600 blk. of Fletcher Ave

· 3600 blk. of East Terrace Ave