Man held up by children with fake gun

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A man who turned the tables on his armed robbers got a huge surprise. Although the suspects had guns, he found the right moment to fight back, only to learn his attackers were very young.

The armed robbery happened at the Three Fountains West apartment complex on the northwest side of Indianapolis.

"In the midst of the shock, I really didn't know what to do," the victim said. "There was, like, two boys, after I get out of the car, who come to me and point the gun at me and asked me to give them my money."

After the two people wearing masks went through his empty wallet, the victim says they turned the gun on a female friend before running away.

"The gun they were trying to use was not real. So when they come out, they tried to run away and I went after them," the victim said.

After catching the smaller robber, the other tried to help, but their victim was just too strong. After turning the tables on their attackers in a parking lot and hearing their voices, the victim realized the two people who surprised him with guns were just children.

"The little boy talked, when he started begging me not to hurt them, they won't do any harm, to let them go," the victim said. "To hear the other kid talk, that is when I realized these are just kids, so I was focused on getting my belongings back."

It's not the first robbery by children at the apartment complex. A man was also robbed by children in October 2012.

Until police catch the suspects in the latest robbery, the victim is warning his neighbors.

"Get out of your car, open your door, get in and close the door," he said.