Man grilled over stories about triple killings

Charles Boney
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An attorney for a former Indiana state trooper accused of killing his wife and two children is grilling a man convicted in the killings about contradictory stories he's given police.

Defense attorney Richard Kammen cross-examined Charles Boney and got him to acknowledge Tuesday that he'd given police multiple accounts of his involvement with defendant David Camm.

Boney testified Monday that he went to Camm's southern Indiana home to sell him a gun in September 2000 when Camm's wife arrived home and drove into the garage.

Boney told jurors he thought Camm was going to get money from his wife to pay him for the weapon, but instead he heard loud voices, gunshots and a child screaming in the garage.

Boney, who was convicted in 2006 of the Camm family murders, testified that he had taken a gray prison sweatshirt that belonged to him to the Salvation Army shortly before the murders in 2000. That sweatshirt was later found at the crime scene.

Kammen is using transcripts from those previous interviews along with Boney's testimony to attempt to show a pattern of lying.

Boney is serving a 225-year sentence in the slayings.

This is David Camm's third murder trial. His two previous convictions were later overturned by higher courts.

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