Man exposes self to girls at west Indianapolis apartment complex

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School officials in Wayne Township are warning parents of a reported abduction attempt Wednesday.

The incident happened between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Wednesday at the Cloverleaf Apartments in the 5700 block of Wilkins Street, just north of West Washington inside I-465.

A woman who has students at Rhoades Elementary reported a balding white male in his 30s who tried to lure students into his van with the promise of candy and games. The mother also said the man exposed himself to her daughters.

The man was driving a red minivan with black across the bottom.

The school district will assign an officer to the apartment complex and is asking parents to call 911 if they see the minivan and can get a license plate number.

"She was down there playing with some other little kids and it happened," one Cloverleaf Apartments resident told us.

Two sisters were targeted by a man.

"I don't know. There's too many pedophiles out here," said the mother of the two young victims.

"I've seen him before," said another resident. "He's been parking here. He would get out of his van and just start walking."

"It's sick. It's sad. It's bad," another mother said.

She and other parents in the west side complex said they're waiting and watching at bus stops now to protect their children from predators.

"This neighborhood is on watch for it now and we will be back in touch if we find out more information about it," said Cloverleaf resident Deandre Baker.

The suspect's mini-van is described as red with a black line along the bottom.

Wayne Township Schools sent warnings to parents about the man in the van, describing him as white and balding.

One victim's mother said the man was "just luring them into the car, telling them he would give them money, play games with them, just to get in the car with them."

The girls ran away and told their mother.

It's the third case of a man flashing or following girls at Wayne Township school bus stops in just a few weeks, and all within a mile or so. It's unclear if the cases are related.

On Tuesday, we also told you about another attempted abduction at an apartment playground in Greenfield. The man tried to lure the girls to the car, police say by flashing large amounts of cash.

In Tuesday's case, the two girls were already off the bus and playing near their apartment 

"This gentleman I've seen before," another resident told us. "He's been parking here. He would get out of his van and just start walking."