Man dumps thousands in cash on Bloomington streets

10th and Washington was one of several spots where cash was found.

Thousands of dollars of loose cash found in Bloomington and turned in to police has been traced back to one man who was tossing it from his car.

Jake Carmichael was washing cars while something else was washing up right outside his door.

"Screeching tires, that's what actually made me look up," Carmichael said.

He says he "looked out and there were some pieces of paper flying by in the air and cars stopped over there, blocking up traffic."

A few blocks south at Bloomington's justice center, police and bystanders swarmed the area, looking more loose bills. Police say the money - in the high thousands - was dumped by a man in a car.

Some of the money showed up at 10th and Washington, too.

"Creepy," said a student.

"His own personal money he was distributing to the public? No, I was not here. Maybe I should have been," said one man, walking by the justice center Friday.

"Where was I during all of this?" asked an IU student when she heard about the money thrown from the car.

"I wouldn't have taken it. There was a ton of people there already anyway," said another student.

Some people may have taken some cash, but much of it was taken to City Hall and the police.

"Right thing to do, I guess," said Sam Hanauer.

After tossing the cash, the 49-year-old man went to the hospital.

"He gets better, they can give it back to him," said Hanauer.

"I think people are still honest," said one student.

It's not clear how much money was not collected, but Carmichael summed it up, saying, "With everything going on in the world, I'm not surprised by anything anymore."