Man dies in lawn mower accident


Authorities say a 57-year-old man died when his lawn mower flipped over on top of him at the edge of an eastern Indiana lake.

The state Department of Natural Resources says in a news release that campers at Manlove Park near Milton found the body of caretaker Ronald Trueblood of Connersville about 5:45 p.m, Saturday.

Campers who found Trueblood pinned beneath the lawn mower in the water of Manlove Park Lake pulled him to shore and attempted CPR, but he was later pronounced dead at hospital in nearby Connersville.

An autopsy is planned within the next few days.

The news release says it appears the lawn mower lost traction along the bank and slid into the water, where it flipped over on Trueblood and trapped him underwater.

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