Man, child rescued from hole in Louisville park

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Emergency crews in Louisville, Kentucky have rescued an adult and young child who were trapped in an abandoned well in a park.

Firefighters were called to the scene at Russell Lee Park in west Louisville around 7:45 p.m. Thursday. Fire officials say a two-year-old girl and an adult male trapped 10 feet below the surface, apparently in an old well or cistern.

Crews set a tripod over the hole and were able to lower a firefighter into the hole and rescue the girl after about an hour. The 46-year-old male victim, a football coach who went into the hole when he saw the girl fall, was pulled out about 15 minutes later.

As medics wheeled the man to an ambulance, the crowd erupted in cheers, some reaching out to congratulate the man with handshakes.

Fire officials say both victims were taken to be checked out at local hospitals. The girl's mother told friends at the scene that her daughter was "doing okay."

The assistant fire chief at the scene told WAVE-TV several football coaches have complained about a problem with children falling into abandoned wells and holes in the parks before, but the assistant chief did not recall other incidents needing a rescue crew.