Man caught robbing North Vernon VFW post

Jason Martin
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Police have a man in custody for allegedly committing a crime against veterans on Veterans Day.

Investigators say 37-year-old Jason Martin broke into VFW Post 2021 early Monday morning and went straight for the office safe.

"That would have been the most valuable target for a burglar to break into and that's exactly where the suspect was," said North Vernon Police Sgt. Andrew Richmond.

But he wasn't alone.

A VFW member arrived early to prepare for Veterans Day festivities at the post. The burglar had a knife and crowbar, the veteran had a gun.

"He said, 'I've got someone down here trying to rob the place'," said Richmond. "I said, 'Okay, I'll be down there in a minute.'"

It turns out the would-be robber has been arrested on theft charges before. Police say Martin showed no remorse, but the post commander wants him to know that the money he was trying to steal was collected to help veterans and their widows and children.

"Shame on you for even doing what you did. But more so because it's a veteran's organization," said Post Commander Eric Campbell. "By stealing from us, he's stealing from all veterans."

Prosecutors plan to charge Martin with robbing a commercial building, a felony. Investigators are trying to determine if others are involved in the crime.