Man attacked with hammer during home invasion

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A hammer was the choice of weapon in an early morning home invasion that sent a young man to the hospital.

Dezman Shanks, 21, is in fair condition in Methodist Hospital after an intruder attacked him in his sleep at his mother's home on Eisenhower Drive.

Shanks mother told Eyewitness News on the phone her home looked like a homicide scene from the amount of blood her son lost in the attack.

Shanks was stumbling and bleeding when he made his way to a neighbor's house for help after the intruder took off.

"There's actually some of his blood down there that I didn't even realize was there," said Amber Charles, pointing to a blood stain on her living room carpet in her west side home.

It's a gruesome reminder of an early morning wake up call Amber and her husband Dustin received at their front door early Saturday morning.

"He was just very lightly just knock, knock, knock. That's all I could hear," said Dustin Charles, pointing to his front door.

The Charles' would not have even heard the knocking, if their dog hadn't first.

"Eventually I just looked right through there and I could just see his face was mangled and had blood all down his shirt and immediately I opened the door and told him to come in and sit down," said Dustin, remembering the young man standing on his door-step.

Dustin said the man, who they learned was Dezman Shanks, was bleeding all over the place and told them an intruder had attacked him with a hammer in his mother's home.

"He was missing his front teeth and he was obviously scared," said Amber.

The couple said Shanks told them his mother had just moved in and wasn't even staying at the home yet when the break-in happened.

After the attack, Shanks found his way to the Charles' doorstep, where their dog Painter alerted the sleeping couple that something was wrong.

"I would probably have to say he saved that kid's life cause if that kid would have you know passed out from getting hit in the head or bleeding, he would have froze to death," said Amber.

The Charles' said they got their dog three months ago after someone broke into their home.

The couple said they're thankful they have a big dog as their first line of defense. It's not their only one though. They're armed too.

"If they come into my house, I will defend myself," said Dustin of his willingness to use a gun should someone break into his home while he is there.

Police tell Eyewitness News that Shanks is in fair condition.

According to a police report, the intruder hit Shanks in the head with a hammer,  several times, before getting away with his cell phone and $5 in cash.