Man arrested in pressurized device investigation

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A police officer was checked for injuries after a pressurized device detonated in front of him.

Officers were investigating reports of shots fired near Meridian and LeGrande on the near south side when they were flagged down by a resident. "I walked outside on the back porch and happened to look out and one fell out," said Joe McTarsney. "I heard it bounce on top of our roof and fall down and it popped right next to my face."

McTarsney pointed the officer to where another bottle fell off the roof and it, too, detonated. The officer, who may have inhaled irritants from the bottle, was taken to the hospital to be checked out. He was not injured.

Thursday, police arrested 27-year-old William Williams on a preliminary charge of possession of an explosive device.

Neighbors say this isn't the first time they have seen and heard the bottles explode.  They say they have heard these go off for several weeks.

They are not technically bombs, at least according to police. They are made from things you have around the house - chemicals put in a plastic bottle - that builds pressure and explodes, releasing those chemicals into the air. 

"It's a pressurized thing," according to IMPD's Michael Elder. "When it goes off and you're too close, it can be dangerous." Elder clarified that these are not pipe bombs because they do not ignite. They build up pressure, then explode.

Officers detonated the other devices they found with a pellet gun.  They are investigating because of the potential danger.