Man arrested for trying to take photos of boy in bathroom stall

Robert Gasho
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A nine-year-old boy helped police catch a man accused of snapping pictures of the boy in a north side restaurant. The registered sex offender was arrested for felony voyeurism, and police believe there may be more victims.

Registered sex offender Robert Gasho is accused of attempting to take photos of the boy while he was in a bathroom stall.

It happened at Jay Snyder's longtime family business, the Hollyhook Hill Restaurant.

"Our entire staff is devastated by this because we feel like we have been violated as well as the young man and his family," said Snyder.

The boy went to the restroom at Hollyhook during a family birthday celebration in the restaurant's dining room.

Robert Gasho worked as a dish washer for Snyder. He was hired by the kitchen manager.

"He never touched him. From what I understand, he was in the stall and the young man was outside the stall. And allegedly was taking pictures or trying to take pictures through the crack of the stall," said Snyder.

The boy told police he even pushed the cell phone away but Gasho tried again to take his picture. That's when he alerted his father, who called police.

"Robert was in the restroom. I got him out of there immediately and they had already called the police. I said, 'You stand here until the police get here,'" said Snyder.

Eyewitness News learned that Gasho lists his address as a downtown Indianapolis homeless shelter. We also discovered jail photos from his other arrests for child sex crimes.

Gasho is not only listed as a predator, but is required to register for life - something Snyder admits got by him and his managers.

"I am deeply, deeply upset that we didn't know this to begin with and he has not reached out for help before now," said Snyder.

Jay Snyder says Robert Gasho will never work for him again, and he hopes what happened here at his North College Avenue restaurant will not have a negative impact on business.