Man arrested for shooting cat with BB gun

Kayla Haskett with her cat, Rubix.
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Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News

Noblesville - A Hamilton County man is behind bars, facing three years in jail after investigators say he took his anger out on a defenseless animal.

Ceasar Mendez, 19, is accused of shooting a cat 19 times with a BB gun.

"All of these little bright dots on the X-Ray represent metal BBs," explains veterinarian Dr. Tim Paul, pointing to the X-ray of one of his recent patients, a five-year-old cat named Rubix.

His owner brought him in last month after she suspected he'd been accidentally shot by someone with a BB gun.

"I pulled the BB out, but the scab came off and that's when I saw the BB under his skin," says the Rubix's owner, Kayla Haskett, of her discovery.

But Dr. Paul found a total of 18 BBs lodged inside Rubix. Some were deeper than others.

"I was in complete shock. I just stood there for a moment with my hands over my mouth and then I started crying a lot and its pretty shocking," says Haskett.

Just as troubling for Haskett is the person now charged with using Rubix for target practice. Mendez is one of her former roommates.

"I don't understand why anyone would hurt anything or anybody or any animal that someone loves," says Haskett.

"Mr. Mendez is alleged to have acknowledged that he did shoot the cat on multiple occasions, basically because it tried to scratch him once while he was trying to get a pillow," explains Hamilton County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Andre Miksha.

Mendez has been charged with mutilating and torturing the animal.

"It's really unfortunate that he took it out on a helpless animal, when [Rubix] was just acting on his animal instinct to fight someone that's reaching towards him," Haskett says.

Mendez is being held on $5,000 bond, but if he's convicted of the Class D felony, he faces a lot more time behind bars, between six months and three years.

"The legislature has determined, torturing or mutilating an animal like that is serious business," says Miksha.

Haskett is facing serious business too, paying hundreds of dollars in vet bills to have some of the BBs still in Rubix removed.