Man arrested for again impersonating soldier

James Schuder

Indianapolis - A man sentenced for impersonating a soldier begging for money is back in jail for committing the same crime.

Metro Police arrested James Schuder on West Washington Street for panhandling and disorderly conduct. Investigators took him to jail after receiving another complaint about Schuder on Veteran's Day.

"He's taking advantage of the generosity of the citizens of this community, as well as a day of reverence, which is Veteran's Day," said IMPD Sgt. Paul Thompson.

Officers in Johnson County originally arrested Schuder in August after he was caught dressed in a fake uniform and asking strangers for money. Police say Schuder is accused of similar scams in other states.

A Johnson County judge sentenced Schuder to 180 days in jail for the previous crime, but he was released early for time served.