Man arrested after attempted Carmel home break-ins

Timothy Barnes
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Police are investigating a frightening series of daytime break-ins in Hamilton County. In one case, a teenage boy was inside a home while the suspect searched for things to steal.

On a Carmel street off 106th and Michigan, just after lunch Monday, several homes, several targets, and several anxious moments.

"You guys must be feeling very lucky the way things turned out?" Eyewitness News asked a victim's mother.

"Oh, absolutely," she said.

Carmel police say a young teen boy was home with a sister. In the meantime, Timothy L. Barnes may have been going door-to-door in the neighborhood.

We're told he approached at least two other houses before trying the boy's home. He knocked on those doors. At one, he may have thought someone was home. At another, he may have heard a dog.

The man, who may have been trying to kick open doors and break in, may have decided to look elsewhere.

At the teen's house, it may have appeared no one was home. At some point, police say the boy heard noises coming from inside the house - upstairs. He grabbed his sister and got out of the house to call police.

While officers searched the house, the suspect jumped from a second floor window, was hurt and caught.

The metro area has seen a rash of those daylight break-ins. Last winter, a Fishers family came home and found a man inside. He also jumped from a second-story window.

In Monday's incident, the boy's mother said she didn't want the family's name on the record, but says her son did exactly as he was taught by his parents.

"Obviously proud. He did what he was supposed to do," she said.

The mother and neighbors are now thinking about the advice police have given after other daylight break-ins. If there's a knock at the door, let them know someone is in the house. They may be less likely to break-in.

"It's a little scary something like that's happening in my neighborhood," said Greg Lanham. "My wife and I were just discussing that we used to have a dog and no longer have a dog. We're just king of discussing what we're gonna do about that. It's a big concern."

The suspect, Timothy Barnes, is charged with burglary, theft, resisting, arrest and possession of cocaine.