Man arrested after 200 threatening phone calls to St. Vincent Hospital

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A man is under arrest after police say he made around 200 threatening calls to St. Vincent Hospital Monday night. The calls prompted the hospital on 86th Street to go on lockdown.

Police arrested Charles Williams, 36, of Indianapolis.

Metro Police say Williams began threatening hospital staff when they refused to tell him his father's room number. According to police, Williams had power of attorney for his father, but his family said he was taking money from his father and revoked power of attorney. The family did not want Williams at the hospital, nor did they want him to know his father's room number.

When a deputy spoke to Williams on the phone, Williams reportedly said he was going to come to the hospital and start shooting people. After being informed he was speaking to a sheriff's deputy, Williams cursed and said, "I don't care about the police. I'm a Black Panther and I will kill you too."

Williams also reportedly made threats against one of his relatives.

Williams was reportedly calling every few minutes making threatening statements.

No shots were fired and no one was injured. Williams faces charges of intimidation, harassment and marijuana possession.

Families and staff were permitted to leave the facility under escort during the lockdown, and the emergency room continued to receive ambulances.