Man accused of shooting officer has long history with police


The man who police say shot and killed IMPD Officer Perry Renn has a long history with police, including an incident where his father died while in police custody.

Major Davis, Jr., an Indianapolis 25-year-old, is preliminarily charged with murder in Saturday's death of the 22-year veteran officer.

Investigators say Davis Jr. got in a shoot-out with police late Saturday night. Davis Jr.was also injured in the incident. He was taken to Eskenazi Hospital, went immediately into surgery and is currently listed in critical condition.

Michael Hatcher, a cousin of Davis, had no idea he was reportedly carrying the assault rifle that killed Ofc. Renn.

"I don't know where he got the gun from," Hatcher said. "[Shooting someone] is never right. I just don't know."

Officials say his father - Major Davis, Sr. - died in 2003 while in police custody. In that incident, reports say Davis attacked officers when they tried to arrest him. Officers then sprayed him with mace. An autopsy showed Davis suffered a heart attack and had a pre-existing heart problem. Relatives said Davis was brutally beaten by police while they were placing him under arrest.

Major Davis, Jr., is also mentioned in at least seven incidents since 2006 involving police, including at least two arrests as an adult.

March 2007 –The Dangerous Drug Section of IMPD served a search warrant on a home where Davis and another man were arrested for possession and dealing of cocaine/narcotic and possession of a machine gun or loaded bomb. Police found two fully loaded 7.62 SKS rifles in the home. The other man claimed he owned the weapons. Though he was arrested, no charges were ever filed against Davis in the incident.

August 2008 – Davis, age 19 at the time, was arrested for possession of drugs. The police report said Davis was driving a possible stolen scooter, had 5 grams of marijuana in his possession, as well as $888 in cash. He was sentenced to 365 days in the Marion County jail with 359 days suspended, meaning he only had to serve six days. After that, he was on probation for almost a year, had to do community service and attend Narcotics Anonymous.

Davis' background comes as no surprise after Saturday's alley shooting. In fact, the last three police action shootings in Indianapolis involved people who had been in plenty of trouble.

On May 30, double murder suspect Quintico Goolsby opened fire on an officer who returned deadly fire. On May 20, police exchanged gunfire with armed robbery suspect Raymond Mims when he and Willie Morrison tried to get away and on February 12, Keith Manuel survived gunshot wounds he sustained shooting at police.

As Michael Hatcher tries to understand his cousin's alleged actions in this latest shooting, he's also praying for Ofc. Renn's family.

"If anything, I can say that I am grieving with them, you know."
As ER doctors monitor Davis' recovery, detectives tell Eyewitness News they are working with prosecutors on formal murder charges against him.

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