Man accused of secretly photographing women in dressing rooms

Christopher Simmons
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Plainfield police say a man secretly photographed women inside a shopping mall dressing room and tanning salons in Hendricks and Morgan Counties.

Investigators are searching for more victims after they caught an alleged peeping Tom at Victoria's Secret and confiscated his phone.

"I feel violated," said 23-year-old Britney, who didn't want to give her full name. "It's still, like, creepy. It's scary."

That's how Britney said she felt after what police say happened to her in a dressing room at the Victoria's Secret at Metropolis Mall.

"It just happened, like, at the right time. I wasn't even like looking to see anything. I just seen the phone," said Britney of what happened when she looked down after getting dressed in the dressing room and saw a hand holding a phone under the door.

She had just finished trying on clothes in the dressing room, when she saw a phone under the door.

"I walked out into the open area and I said, 'Are you kidding me?' and he, like, turned around and I said, 'This guy's in the dressing room taking pictures of me' and he was like, 'No I'm not'," Britney recalled.

Plainfield police found out differently when they examined 34-year-old Christopher Simmons' phone.

"We found photos that were taken at Victoria's Secret that day. I also found photos that were taken at different tanning beds. One in Plainfield and some in Martinsville, we believe, and also some child pornography was on the phone as well," explained Plainfield Police Patrolman Todd Knowles.

Police tracked down a second alleged victim from a Plainfield Tan and Laundry.

What about the children investigators said they found in pornographic images on Simmons' phone? Who were they? What about the other women investigators believed Simmons also photographed at a Martinsville tanning salon?

"We basically looked at a log of different clients that we had come through to narrow down the realm of possibilities," explained Sol Spa Tanning Salon owner Jeff Mills.

Mills said he's been helping Martinsville police track down alleged victims at his tanning salon. Mills said Simmons had come into his salon at least once with his wife.

The Martinsville investigation is not complete, but it's in the works, in part, thanks to one woman, Britney, who said she had to take a stand when she realized someone had just taken her picture in a dressing room.

"I'm happy that he got caught and that I was the reason he got caught," said Britney.

Plainfield police said they're working with the Indiana Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to analyze the images of children they said were found on Simmons' phone, along with his home computers.