Major interstate closure hours away

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We are just hours away from a major interstate shutdown for the I-65 & I-70 North-South Split.

The stretch of interstate will close for 59 days for a construction project to stop trucks from striking overpasses.

Right now crews are out covering interstate signs near on ramps to keep people from trying to drive onto the highway tomorrow morning.

Construction work starts tomorrow on lowering the surface beneath at least one of the overpasses.

For several months some semi trucks have struck the overpass due to not enough clearance.

The two month shutdown will force people driving through Indianapolis on I-70 and I-65 to take a detour.

Interstate signs on 465 will detour drivers around the city wanting to use the 65-70 Split.

Eyewitness News will have complete coverage of the closure beginning on Eyewitness Sunrise at 4:30 a.m.