Madison Co. prosecutor surprised by Wyser charges

David Wyser

The man who hired troubled attorney David Wyser says he was surprised by bribery charges against the former Marion County deputy prosecutor.

The county courthouse in Anderson may be the last place Wyser ever practices law.

"Very sad, very disappointed, surprising. David was an outstanding prosecutor, did a great job for this community," said Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings.

Cummings hired Wyser shortly after he lost the election to become prosecutor in Hamilton County. For nearly two years, Wyser handled major felony cases for the Madison County Prosecutor's Office.

But is Cummings concerned that any of his cases could be tainted by the new charges against Wyser for bribery in Marion County?

"I can't imagine any legal justification for asking a case be set aside based upon these acts or these events," he said.

Cummings hired Wyser a year after Wyser denied taking campaign cash for a sentence reduction. Last month, as Federal investigators moved in, Wyser talked with Cummings.

"It was time to resign," Cummings said.

Eyewitness News asked if he requested Wyser's resignation.

"Never said those words, but didn't think I had to," he said.

Wyser appeared to be at his home in Geist Monday night, but did not answer the door. The home is for sale for $1.3 million.

Eyewitness News was able to get an answer on Wyser's cell phone.

"He's not wanting to comment at this point," said the man who answered the phone.

The man didn't identify himself and denied that he was Wyser's attorney.

"No, I just happened to pick up his phone," the man said.