Luge vs Skeleton

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One has you back down, face up, steering with your calves. The other has you staring the ice down, face first, as you clench-steer with your thighs.

Both equally terrifying.

I can barely keep my balance walking on frozen slush on my way to class. It takes impressive talent to actually run on it.

The luge and skeleton both race along the same icy course. Luge starts out with grasping two metal poles while sitting on your sled, then pushing off. Skeleton starts out relying purely on your ability to run on the ice and then diving onto your sled.

In my mind, skeleton is way more terrifying (see skeleton crash below). You have to get the perfect amount of steps before throwing yourself on top of the sled, trusting that you don't over or undershoot it. One false step and you will be sliding down that track on your skin, not your sled.

Luge leaves you with a bit of mystery and suspense since you don't get the best view of the track leaning all the way back. Skeleton leaves you no choice but to gaze at your ice path at each and every turn.

Also at least with luge you can opt to have a buddy ride with you. Two man luge teams can rely on each other for safety. Skeleton competitors ride alone.

I don't know about you, but I would much rather stick with using a bobsled knowing that I at least have a metal shell as my line of defense in case of a crash. When it comes to the skeleton and the luge, I'll stick with riding on my couch just watching it on TV.

Skeleton crash