Lugar gets Indianapolis Star endorsement for Senate

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The Indianapolis Star Editorial Board endorsed Senator Richard Lugar in the May 8 Republican primary Sunday.

The newspaper addressed four common objections to Lugar, who is running for a seventh term in the U.S. Senate against Republican Richard Mourdock, including that he "is out of touch with current political realities," if he's more than a Republican "in name only," his age and if he has lost touch with Hoosiers' wants and needs, amidst residency questions.

"The problems facing this country, including an out-of-control deficit, are daunting and Congress hasn't shown the ability in recent years to fix them. But adding another hard-core ideologue such as Mourdock to the mix is more likely to hurt than to help," the Star's board wrote of their decision.

The paper continued to state that the 80-year-old Lugar's "impressive depth of knowledge on issues such as energy and agriculture and his continued expertise in international affairs outweigh any concerns that his physical or intellectual abilities have slipped."