Luck's success, Peyton's return spur Colts ticket sales

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Even though it's still the middle of summer, Colts fans are looking ahead to football season. Colts season tickets are in the mail. And single game tickets went on sale Monday.

At Lucas Oil Stadium, tickets are going fast - quite a difference from last year. And brisk sales going to mean fans will be paying more to get into the games.

Rewind to last year, when the Colts opened up Lucas Oil Stadium to fans who could try out their seats before they bought them. They gave fans the royal treatment in the hopes of selling tickets.

Why? Because the season ticket renewal rate dropped to 88-percent. The team was in transition. Peyton Manning was gone and Andrew Luck was taking over. No one knew what to expect.

Fast-forward to the end of the season. The Colts made the playoffs. And now, season ticket renewals are at 95-percent. Ticket sales overall are improving, so much so that people waited in line Monday when single game tickets went on sale.

"Now that people know what Andrew Luck can do and Chuck Pagano, expectations are really really high right now," said Colts fan Eric Crawford.

"I think it's going to be a really, really good season," said Tina Jones, who came from Michigan just to get tickets, thinking getting them in person would give her a better chance.

Even if they couldn't get tickets to the Denver game on Sunday night, October 20, when Peyton Manning is due to return, fans we talked with said they just wanted to be at a Colts game this year. Which says a lot about how they feel about this team heading into this season. 

The Seattle game October 6 is down to just single seats, as well.

For the rest of the games, there are a few hundred to a couple thousand seats left, depending on the game. But expect those to go fast.