Luck takes "Change The Play" on the road to IU


Colts quarterback Andrew Luck took his "Change The Play" program on the road Tuesday.

Luck and Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health hosted more than 200 kids at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington. The idea is to get kids involved and off the couch.

"I know, growing up, how important being outside of the house was to me. Playing ball with friends," Luck said.

Luck and the Riley team members talked with the kids about good eating habits and fun exercises.

"If you can substitute something outside, a hike, for sitting in front of the TV for an hour or playing video games, I think it's well worth it and fun at the same time," Luck said.

The quarterback will take the Change The Play program to Purdue on Thursday. Luck says he was a very active child and wants others to follow his lead.

"We did just about everything and, honestly, playing all those sports, I think, made me a better quarterback, made me understand different parts of athleticism better," Luck said. "But I know I had a lot of fun getting to diversify, in a sense, when it came to sports."

The children weren't the only ones learning at the clinic.

Forty IU student-athletes helped out, including the Hoosiers' junior quarterback Nate Sudfeld.

"It was cool to pick his brain a little bit about playing quarterback," Sudfeld said. "The biggest thing I took away is being a leader and keep working hard. Obviously, there are going to be ups and downs as a quarterback. He just reiterated 'What else would you rather be doing?' It's so true. There is nothing better than playing quarterback and leading a team."

Luck said he was impressed by the players he spoke with at the clinic.

"The guys I've talked to are upstanding young men and good football players. I wish them the best of luck next year...unless they play Stanford in the Rose Bowl," Luck joked.

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