Luck, Colts staying focused for playoffs

Andrew Luck
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The Colts (11-5) are focused on their next task:  beating the Kansas City Chiefs in Saturday's playoff game.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck calls the atmosphere a "good working environment." And he says it's all about staying in focus and eliminating distractions.

"You feel a little beat up after the game, but the guys are excited. The guys are looking forward to this week of work and a big game versus the Chiefs," Luck told Eyewitness Sports.

"I think the scheme of the Chiefs is pretty fresh on everybody's minds considering it was only three weeks ago," Luck said. "Just to refresh our memory and also to wrap up the Jacksonville game."

We asked Luck how it felt to be facing the same team twice in the span of three weeks. He calls it fun!

"We did that last year with the Texans; I think we did it this year with the Titans where we faced them twice in three weeks. It is what it is. You gotta go out there and try and win!"

Luck joked, "For some reason more attention is paid to you in the playoffs! Don't know why! But you have to eliminate those distractions."

He pointed to veterans like Reggie Wayne who will help lead the way and keep younger players focused.

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