Love letters from WWI found in walls of Jasper house

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Love letters from World War I have been found stuffed in the walls of a house in Jasper.

The Mathies hired a contractor to put in a new bathroom in the upstairs of their house. When he started rewiring the storage room, he found something unusual.

"I thought we had ghosts...because these letters just kept appearing," said Phil Mathies. "You know, we go up there one day and the next day, you come up and here comes another batch of letters until we find out the contractor was the one that had found them."

The letters were dated from 1918. They were from a man - Clement Berger - training to fight on the killing fields of France, writing home to his sweetheart, Mary Borho.

Luckily for the love birds, the war ended just a year later and the two were married. Now, their relatives are learning the depth of their love almost a century later.

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