Lost in desert, wedding ring shows up on Facebook

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KANDOS, New South Wales, Australia (WTHR) - After losing her wedding ring in the desert months ago, an Australian woman is close to getting it back. thanks to a Facebook post.

Elizabeth Docherty thought her ring was gone for good after she lost it in some sand dunes while on vacation in the desert.

But this week someone shared a picture of the ring on Facebook in hopes of finding the owner.

Docherty spotted the post and says it's her ring.

She says she was shocked to see the picture.

"My sister-in-law actually gave me a call and told me to jump on Facebook and have a look at what my mother-in-law had tagged us in,” explained Elizabeth Docherty. “And she dealt with me for three solid minutes just crying my eyes out when I saw the picture of my ring."

Docherty will get the ring back when police verify that it's hers.

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