Logansport seniors bummed over yearbook mix-up

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A photographer's mistake is leaving a lasting impression on one central Indiana senior class.

Logansport High School is out for summer break, but students here are still learning lessons.

"It's pretty aggravating," said senior Madison LaOrange.

This lesson about how a simple mistake can make a lasting impression.

"We don't take our senior pictures to just hang it up on a wall. We want other people to see that too...how fabulous we looked!" explained LaOrange.

But in this case, the vast majority of the graduating class at LHS doesn't look their absolute best.

"Just rolled out of bed, probably just rolled out of bed," said LaOrange, pointing to pictures of fellow seniors "She probably just got back form a track meet!"

Why do they look this way?

"They're our ID pictures," said senior Lindsey Cheney, who is one of 360 seniors who ended up with a run-of-the mill photo in the yearbook.

"I was sick (that day) and I just wore any clothes that I could. I didn't look very good. I don't even know if I had make up on or anything!" said Cheney.

She was hoping for a more polished look - a keepsake for her and her friends - of how they looked during their final year of high school.

"I can't believe that picture is in there. It's embarrassing, because I wasn't prepared for that!" Cheney said.

The mistake wasn't with the high school, but apparently with the company that takes the senior pictures. It's the same company that takes pictures for the student IDs and the discs with those photos mistakenly got mixed up.

LaOrange is one of the lucky 15 students who ended up with actual senior pictures on the front page of the senior section. She feels bad for the rest of her classmates.

"They don't want to be remembered as the person who just rolled out of bed. I know I certainly wouldn't!" she said.

And definitely not when the yearbook comes with a $70 price tag.

"Seventy dollars is a lot of money for a senior to look at and not have everything the way it should be," said LaOrange's mother, Beth.

This year's yearbook theme is the "Game of Life," fitting for the class of 2014 who got a real-life lesson that some mistakes last forever.

Parents say the photography company is refunding sitting fees for senior pictures. Eyewitness News reached out to the company, but has not gotten a response.