Logan caps comeback with slopestyle silver

Devin Logan
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Perseverance paid off for a young American in the new freeskiing slopestyle event Tuesday.

Devin Logan went big off the last jump, taking the silver medal in the women's event in Sochi.

"This is crazy. I didn't think this could be possible and it's happening and dreams are coming true and I'm speechless and all my friends and my mom's here. It's weird," Logan said after the event.

The medal was the pinnacle of a long comeback effort for the 20-year-old.

"Tons of work. I mean, coming off a knee injury last year, it was kind of my own comeback story and I'm really happy I was able to land some runs and feel good about it and get up on the podium," she said.

While she was beaming with pride, the real emotion came out when she finally had a chance to hug her mom.

"Can't explain it. A lot of years' work," Deanna Logan said. "A lot of love. Ice on the knees. Wow."

She had a hard time trying to express the pride she was feeling for her daughter.

"Speechless. Yeah, I can't believe it," she said.

Indiana native Nick Goepper will try to get a medal of his own in the men's freeskiing slopestyle event Thursday.