Local Syrian church reacts to US intervention

Father Nabil Hanna
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Conflict in Syria has been raging for a couple of years forcing thousands of Syrians to seek refuge in other countries, including the United States and right here in Indianapolis. For them, this isn't an issue of force, but of faith and peace. We talked with a local priest who shares a unique perspective from his Syrian church members.

For several months, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church has offered a temporary home to the St. George Orthodox Christian Church family. They're in the process of finishing a new church.

In their own transition, Father Nabil Hanna and his members, some of Syrian decent, are intensely focused on the violence back home.

"It's devastating, the country's wrecked," said Father Nabil.

Father Nabil says several of his members are recent refugees from Syria. The conversations about solutions are many. He's speaks on their behalf because even in the United States some still live in fear of persecution.

"They have a very heavy heart because they leave behind other relatives," said Father Nabil.

"Let me be clear, we would love for the United States to get involved, but on the side of promoting peace, not on the side of one group versus another.

Not, on the side of providing arms or direct bombing activities. If we do that, we're going to just be adding fuel to a roaring fire," said Father Nabil.

A roaring fire Father Nabil says was created by warring factions using Syria as their political playground, while also targeting Christians.

"Not to mention clergy, nuns who have been killed, dismembered, beheaded on camera--So, if you're talking about horrific scenes," said Father Nabil.

Nabil says those scenes have been coming out of Syria for the last two years resulting in more than 100,000 people killed and nearly 10 million displaced from their homes. And, he says, the latest incidents aren't the first time chemical weapons have been used.

"We have been consistently standing before a vision of the future of Syria where people of all faiths live together in harmony with mutual respect," said Nabil.

A vision he's hopeful the rest of the world will buy into and support.